Teaching Kids

Teaching for me has always been an area where I enjoy only when the students are interested in the what the subject is, if I found that they weren’t I’d lose the enthusiasm to teach. I have learned though that students don’t lack capacity only teachers do and it is up to teachers to engage the students so that they understand the importance of learning, whether it’s a particular subject or simply something new.

I have been working with the Bethlehem Center for about a month and it’s been great. The children listen, they actually put to practice the things they are taught. The Bethlehem Community Center focuses on helping inner city children in the Chattanooga area develop skills such as reading, writing arithmetic, arts and crafts,  photography, dance and the list goes on.

boy-photographersHere are a few of the photography items I’ve been covering with the kids:

  • Lighting
  • Camera Angles
  • Composition
  • Shutter Speed
  •  Story

With each topic the kids excelled and it showed me the potential within each child, working at the Bethlehem Center has truly been a blessing.


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