C-well Pictures 2014 Year in Review


As I sit and reflect over 2014 I wonder what parts of my experience to include in the C-well Pictures 2014 Year in Review. There were a lot places, people, sights and sounds in 2014 that created for me a great expectation for 2015. Simply because there was so much to appreciate about the year it was a a bit difficult to deciding what to exclude. Needless to say it really boiled down to which of those moments had a lasting impression as well as which moments would have the most impact visually.

Above All
So Kiss me
So Kiss me

I started off the review with a slide show that covers some of my personal experiences, along with images captured in Wildwood, GA as well as New York City. The 5 minute clip then gets a bit more somber as we shift gears to the incomparable Jim Rohn where he talks about being detailed and using our past as a lesson for our future. Click below and enjoy the video but more importantly enjoy the message.

A little background on the creation of this video. It took me approximately 10 days (off and on) to gather all the different cuts, music, audio and to edit everything to fit the music. I used the following software: fotomagico, Final cut x, Audio Hijack and Apple Compressor. If you enjoyed the year in review leave a comment below.


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