Bushwick Film Festival

I was attending The Bushwick Film Festival in Brooklyn NY I had been invited by a friend Kweighbaye Kotee Founder of the festival she asked if I could help capture some photos of the event and I gladly said yes. When I got there the location was packed and I discovered I was one of many photographers at the event, at which point I met Kivvi and we started up a conversation.


Kivvi Rachelle

500px Photo ID: 52568466 - Kivvi Rachelle's Fro
Kivvi Rachelle’s Fro

What actually sparked the conversation for me was that fact that she was toting a DSLR, even though it was a Canon the brand didn’t matter to me. The fact that she was humble, down to earth, and shooting with available lighting those factors mattered. So many other photographers have a high and mighty approach that turns off not just their colleagues but some would be customers. At any rate by the end of the evening Kivvi and I swapped business cards and we both picked up a contact.

Within weeks we were planning our 1st shoot (though she would be the model and not a 2nd shooter). She also invited a friend who we both believe would have a very successful modeling career if the opportunity presented itself.


Riley Casual

Riley was humble ready to shoot and a natural in front of the camera. Both Kivvi & Riley worked well it seems they knew what I was asking of them and so they held the pose and everything was executed flawlessly.

Girls-drummingThe shoot was fun and one thing I’ve learned from it all is always be on the look out for a good idea, never allow yourself to be so self-contained that you cannot leave room for yourself to grow, meet new people and just develop in other areas outside of your craft.


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